IMMD is a drug discovery company with a leading-edge rational drug design technology. Its high capability greatly owes to the excellence of its proprietary software system. The technology enabled IMMD to identify dozens of drug seeds by virtual screening, to select promising seeds and to optimize the seeds by minimum syntheses strategically, based on estimated docking mode to the target. The advantages of the method were proved by several successes of drug discovery from the collaboration research with partners as well as from its in-house programs.

IMMD was founded by Dr. Akiko Itai in 1995 focusing on its rational drug design technology. As a former professor of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo, she is internationally recognized for her contributions to novel methodologies of rational drug design.

IMMD's drug discovery business is conducted by using its proprietary drug discovery technology. It is used for all of the following three business categories.

1) Out-licensing of products (preclinical/clinical candidates) from in-house drug discovery researches to pharmaceutical companies

2) Collaborative drug discovery research with pharmaceutical companies up to any stage

3) Providing high-quality drug seeds for pharmaceutical companies

We are also developing and licensing next-generation biological information system KeyMolnet which integrates and systemizes information accumulated from traditional life science research. KeyMolnet facilitates researchers in finding new drug targets and improving efficiency of life science research.

Name IMMD Inc.
Main Office Inageya Bldg. #501
2-37-6 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
TEL +81 3-5689-4052
FAX +81 3-5689-4054
and CEO
Akiko Itai, Ph.D
Founded March 1995
Collaborations The University of Tokyo, Keio University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, etc.